((I gotta get off for now.I’ll answer the stuff in the shibe box in a little while. Just send stuff to shibe and fill the inbox please.))

The DOGE is pleased. —going-nowhere-but-forward

the DOGE is somewhat happi

You have chosen PET DOGE. —brbshowering

yes,pet shibe

Shibe boxe is open

yes,the shibe boxe is open

you can give shibe stuff like food

or u can send your onions opinions 

u can pet shibe (shibe won’t bite unless you hurt him)

u can even send in randome shit that u came across and/or made

u can even ask for mun’s friend code so she can fuck up ur pokemon

((I can tell that some of these gifs might not play,but I’m not even gonna fix them,too lazy.))



You garden is quite lovely. It would be a shame if something were to… happen to it…

very shibe,much doge…


Prepare for shibe invasion on dashboard

(just wate for shibe)

My dad is proud of my art

and I just

What will you be teasing today? —thisisaperon



yo mama!


when u follow someone really cool and they follow back image